Employment Law

Practice Area

ALG has its roots in public and private sector labor & employment defense work. The firm engages in every aspect of labor & employment law. The firm’s attorneys regularly negotiate collective bargaining agreements and represent management’s interest in arbitrations and other labor proceedings. ALG has a broad and successful grievance and arbitration record. Our firm also routinely appears on behalf of clients in state and federal courts. We have appeared before numerous administrative agencies that handle labor and employment issues including the NLRB, MERC, MESC and the EEOC.

In today’s world, some lawsuits by employees are inevitable. Accordingly, ALG also has attorneys who specialize in employment litigation. This includes litigating race, gender, national origin, age and disability discrimination claims as well as issues related state and federal regulations including FLSA, Whistle Blower and OSHA lawsuits.

ALG also continues to be a leader in the proactive practice of law that concentrates on assisting employers to avoid liability and litigation. We conduct comprehensive legal reviews, including audits of human resources policies and procedures for compliance with federal and state regulations. Our firm’s attorneys also draft personnel policies and procedure manuals, and train management in their implementation. All of this ensures that employers have good policies that they can rely on with confidence.

Human Resources and Training Services

ALG conducts a wide range of training for our clients in an effort to ensure that they have the most up-to-date information available and are able to remain in compliance with the constantly evolving laws that affect the way public institutions and businesses operate.

We provide training on virtually any labor or employment topic, including:

  • Employment discrimination (i.e., Title VII, race, age and sex)
  • Harassment and workplace violence
  • Drug-free workplace, drug testing and substance abuse
  • The Americans with Disabilities Act
  • The Michigan Persons With Disabilities Civil Rights Act
  • The Family & Medical Leave Act
  • The Fair Labor Standards Act and payment of overtime
  • The Michigan Teacher Tenure Act
  • The Whistleblower’s Protection Act
  • The Bullard-Plawecki Employee Right to Know Act
  • The Open Meetings Act and Freedom of Information Act
  • OFCCP and Affirmative Action Requirement

The firm also conducts management training sessions on the implementation of and compliance with collective bargaining agreements, grievance procedures and general employment policies such as disciplinary and attendance procedures. The firm is also pioneering joint training sessions with union leadership and management on creating a cooperative and respectful labor/management relationships.