Public-Municipal Law

Practice Area

ALG has a longstanding, extensive, and distinguished history representing and advising municipalities, municipal authorities, boards, committees, officials, educational institutions, public agencies, and other public entities.

We advise public officials on municipal authority and legislation, home rule law and obligations, restriction on land acquisitions, charters and amendments, intergovernmental agreements, zoning and land developments and compliance, in tax increment financing, redevelopment agreements, and business retention agreements. ALG also provides counsel and advise on issues relating to municipal activities under the Michigan Constitution and both State and Federal statutes and regulations regarding municipal authority.

Our firm has over 30 years of experience in providing legal services in the areas of contracts and procurement law on behalf of various public clients. Municipal and state agencies have retained our firm as counsel for a wide range of services that have included consulting on requests for proposals and bids; preparing and negotiating contracts and other procurement documents; advising on bid analysis and award; construction issues including delay claims, change orders, errors and omissions; mechanic’s lien proceedings; and construction litigation, labor and employment relations, ordinance drafting, elections, eminent domain, litigation, and regulation.

Specific services include the following areas:

  • Proposals and bids
  • Preparing and negotiating contracts and other procurement documents
  • advising on bid analysis and award
  • Construction Issues including delay claims, change orders, errors and omissions, mechanic’s lien proceedings construction litigation
  • Labor and Employment relations
  • Ordinance drafting
  • Elections
  • Eminent Domain
  • Litigation
  • Regulation

Freedom of Information Act Issues

Routinely ALG team members assist our public sector clients understand the parameters of FOIA. More specifically we have handled issues relative to applicability of the Act to personnel records, criminal investigation documents, student records, among other special requests. Our firm understand the importance of adhering to the obligations under FOIA versus the client’s need to fulfill its civic purpose to the public.