Public-Municipal Law

Practice Area

We represent and advise municipalities, their boards and committees, and their officials as well as individuals and businesses in the full range of municipal law subjects, including contracts, labor relations and employment, ordinance drafting, elections, property taxation, tax increment financing, eminent domain, litigation, and regulation, including land use and enforcement matters. Specific services include the following areas:

  • General Counsel to Municipalities – we act as counsel to various municipalities providing general advice in all areas of the law.
  • Drafting By-Laws – we have worked with the several of our public sector clients in preparing various organization specific by-laws and related forms for use and adoption by the municipality.
  • Development Applications – we act on behalf of various clients and individuals in filing, processing and advocating various forms of development-related applications, including licensing, zoning, subdivisions, permitting and related matters.
  • Hearings – we have extensive experience in appearing before Boards, municipal councils and various other municipal tribunals.

Freedom of Information Act Issues

Routinely ALG team members assist our public sector clients understand the parameters of FOIA. More specifically we have handled issues relative to applicability of the Act to personnel records, criminal investigation documents, student records, among other special requests. Our firm understand the importance of adhering to the obligations under FOIA versus the client’s need to fulfill its civic purpose to the public.